PrestaShop CountDown Timer – Keep Promotional Offers for Limited Period to Hit Sales

Festive seasons are always the best occasion for online merchants boost their sales and make a profit. Since it is a seasonal sale, sellers need to devise some strategy to draw the attention of customers to make a purchase. For this, the PrestaShop Countdown Timer Module can be integrated to PrestaShop Store to show flash sales on their home pages along with countdown timers to enhance sales. By using this module, they can effectively display count-down specials, flash sales for special occasions in an appealing manner. They can create sales for a specific time period and also offer a discount on the prices.

Prestashop Count down Timer Module

This module is an ideal option to show your customers that the offer is expiring soon! So, if you intend to offer a product with a special price for a restricted period of time, you may require a countdown timer. Thus, the Special Price Countdown Timer will enable your visitors to get to know how much time they are left with for the expiry of the special offer you give and this will make them rush to buy your product.

Moreover, this timer extension can be integrated selectively to a particular range of products. Once you set up the PrestaShop Countdown Timer Module, the timer will automatically display the number of days, hours, minutes and seconds left for the expiry of the offer. All you need to do is to simply set the discount period as well as the discount percentage while you customize the countdown timer module in your PrestaShop eCommerce site.

Advantages PrestaShop Sales Boosters

The PrestaShop Sales Boosters offer you with a number of benefits to thrive successful in your online sales during festive seasons.

  • Has an attractive appearance. This extension will noticeably complement your online site.
  • The multilingual feature (English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese) will enable you to easily add new or change existing language.
  • It supports MultiStore
  • Can be resized
  • Compatible with all versions of PrestaShop. The extension makes use of the CSS classes from your website and so it is compatible with your own theme as well
  • Easily attracts the attention of your visitors and customers.
  • Facility to alter schema and text color.
  • Can use sliding of the products along with countdowns in the block.
  • Hassle free installation and configuration.

Some of the Features of PrestaShop Count-down Timer Module are:

  • Enables setting up of any size of countdown for product the page, products list, Home Featured block and also for sliding block.
  • Can show countdowns on products list or not.
  • Can set up a few products for one countdown.
  • Can set up varied text for different products.
  • Enables to alter the height, number of products, and position for sliding block.
  • Enables to display sliding block only on home page or on other pages also.
  • Enables to see countdowns active and expired list on back-office.
  • In addition to expiry date and time, you can also set up start date and time.


Thus, the PrestaShop Countdown Timer Module is handy for you to display the count down on your list of products you want to sell during a limited period. Embeded with an array of features, this module is the best option for on line merchants to increase their sales with a limited period offer.

Download: PrestaShop Count Down Timer Module

eCommerce Module Development for an Online Store

Every eCommerce process starts with a few essential aspects like choosing the apt eCommerce software that facilitates you to select the right domain name, the apt shopping cart and the suitable product features.

Magento Modules

Some of the foremost features a good eCommerce website must have are user and search engine friendliness, options for multiple languages, allowing multiple currencies, display of unlimited products, better customization options etc. These features assist online merchants to set the site up and running without any hitch, and even optimize your selling potential by making your site social media friendly.

This apart, various eCommerce Modules are accessible in the market to enable you to include more additional features to your site like PayPal Modules, dropshipping extensions, product image slider add-ons, Marketplace extension etc, that give your site the power to attract more visitors to your site and make conversions.

What makes a good eCommerce module?

An eCommerce module that you choose must be able to perform the following tasks for your eCommerce website:

  • Transform your eCommerce site into a retail shop that is open 24/7.
  • Provide the ability to sell worldwide.
  • Possess an effective CMS that offers the eCommerce store owner a complete control to manage products, prices, inventory, payment modes, delivery/shipping, product display etc.

Payment Gateways

Of all the features included in your site through integrating varied modules, the payment gateway extension is of utmost important to retain your customers. If you offer a poor payment mode, customers will lose trust in your site and switch over to other sites for making purchases.

PayPal Modules

PayPal is a widely used payment gateway, that enables customers to make payments for the products they buy through your eCommerce site and through integrating the PayPal Modules to your site can enhance the patronage of clients to your site and in turn lead to more sales.

The PayPal payment Advanced module doesn’t require you to purchase the SSL certificate for your sites. In addition, this module accepts credit card payments and processing is carried out by the PayPal Advanced payment module. Customers are free to opt for two payment choices such as “Pay with PayPal” and “Pay with credit or debit card”. Hence, customers can select any one of the payment options as per their preference.


The eCommerce Modules or Extensions are very essential for an eCommerce website, because it enhances the functionality of your site through offering a wide array of features to make your site more visible and help to attract more number of visitors to your site. A number of modules are accessible that can be integrated to your eCommerce site to accomplish payment transactions, shipment of products or image slider to enhance the visibility of your products etc.

eCommerce Payment Gateway Solutions | eGrove Systems

PayPal services for your Online eCommerce Store

With the advent and evolution of the digital era, small, medium and large scale business and commercial transactions have increasingly moved online. Although the ease of usage on behalf of customers have increased manifold, there is a trust quotient involved in all the online transactions. This is instrumental in driving online sales for any eCommerce store.

PayPal Payment Integration

On analyzing the online trends of customers, many a time it has been observed that customers tend to churn out just at the payment gateway process i.e. somewhere they are septic of the trustworthiness of the online payment process. This is where the PayPal services come into play. Through its expertise and utmost focus on security of online transactions, PayPal has been able to gain the trust of customers from across the globe, which has led to many online firms strategist PayPal payment integration with their eCommerce website.

Simplicity and robustness – that’s what differentiate PayPal

PayPal is one of the most trusted and the most widely accepted payment gateways from across the globe. With more than a decade experience and expertise in this field, they are able to carry out secure and safe transactions for millions of customers from across the world.

Moreover, the ease of operations is one of the key differentiating factors for customers availing and preferring PayPal services. Customers just need to enter their registered mail and password to complete the entire checkout processes. They can opt to save their card information on the system as well for convenience. This information is encrypted using sophisticated algorithms and is then saved, on order to ensure utmost security.

The eCommerce PayPal Payment Solutions include various state of art services such as web payments (including overseas payments), mobile payments (via PayPal mobile), online invoicing as well as enhance their businesses on eBay.

Integrate your eCommerce store with PayPal – Helps in Customer Relationship Management

The PayPal Payment Integration with any eCommerce site has been enhanced by the employment of easy to deploy application programming interfaces (APIs) using which, online eCommerce players can easily track the movements of customers from their own website to the payment gateway, and fetch the payment information back to their database systems.

The integration can be put to effect in such a way that all the necessary information such as the shipping addresses, the order details as well as the payment status and details can be pushed back to the eCommerce systems from PayPal. This information can in turn be used by firms to enhance their CRM operations like customizing or scheduling the sending of mails, SMS and other engagement activities.

Customers are provided with a wide variety of payment options which includes credit cards, debit cards, internet banking (with an option to choose from a wide set of available banks), cash on delivery and many more. Firms have the option to provide any discount code or coupon to all customers or to a specified set of customers.

In addition to that, PayPal also provides certain credit points which get accumulated on each payment transaction. These points can be redeemed in future by customers in terms of discounts on different products.

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Search Engine Optimization Services to make Website Top in Google

How will you be making your website go popular since its inception? What are the important things that you need to consider while working for the websites in relation to search visibility or online traffic conversions? Well, we need to employ Search Engine Optimization, which will help you to rule the niche against a particular keyword set.

Well, is it possible to simply set some tactics, leave the website at its own, and depend on the Google Webmaster to do the rest for you? No, it is not the right thing to do. Rather, you need to keep a tab on the search engine performance and find out how well they can perform.

SEO Analysis Tool

Why your business does need to own an SEO Analysis Tool?

In such a situation, your business needs to own an SEO Analysis Tool to find out the metrics of your daily navigation. You can keep a tab on the number of visitors, the region from which they visits, which are the possible keywords against which your website maybe ranking. Not just that you can find out the referral traffic and the statistics of the website conversion that can help you prepare the next marketing strategy.

How effective is a Keyword Ranking Tool?

To employ the best strategies you might have a digital marketing expert, but you have to keep an eye on analyzing your performance. Thus, to keep a tap daily look into Keyword Ranking Tool  and find out how well it can rank and what can make your business class apart.

Find out the unique keywords against which you have good position and which targeted keywords might have failed to receive good responses.  SEO Tool does the same to make your website appear in the top of Google. Work on those keywords that appear comparative on the website and it has higher site visits and can give a favorable result of a search.

For Search Engine Optimization, you need to make sure that you have some right elements are placed in the correct order. Such as you need to find out if there is the title tag with targeted keywords and other aspects to make sure that the Google find it easier to improve your result and give you at par visibility.

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most possible way to promote your website is Google, but if you do it correctly, you are going to get results in a few months. However, if you lack the skills, then you are surely going to mess up the whole situations. To determine that you are strategics regularly in the right note it is important to own the SEO Analysis Tool.

You can use the best tools available in the market and compare with your competitors. Look into their performance to make a delightful strategy that will work for your store and will ensure that you have confirmed visitors daily. You cannot do away with those untapped customers any more, find out a way to engage your customers.

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Software Testing Services for Quality Control in Development Process

Testing is one of the most important phases of the software development life cycle, and is instrumental in the final delivery and acceptance of software. There is a misconception in the minds of the people that the testing phase happens only after the complete development phase is done and dusted. This, however, is a misnomer. The Software Testing Services must work in sync with the development so as to ensure that there are no errors ingrained in the system.

Software Testing & Development are cyclic processes – the Software Development Life Cycle

Software Testing Services

The waterfall model is one of the most traditional and widely accepted modes of software development across the globe. The model defines the various steps of software development as requirement gathering and analysis, design, coding, testing and finally implementation. All these five components of the software development life cycle are cyclic in nature i.e. one step is cross linked with the next and the previous step.

Therefore, after the development of every module or function, the testing services Quality Control team executes the test plan which was set in the requirement analysis phase and checks whether there is any error or technical glitch in the designed module. In case of any glitch occurring in the module, the testing team re-directs the module to the development team who in turn works on the feedback and closes all the outstanding issues and glitches, before zeroing on the freezing of the functionality.

Quality Control has more to do with the product than process

The software development life cycle involves the usage of two key quality processes in order to ensure and debug all glitches, and also prevent the system from any further occurrence of the same issue or glitches. The former is termed as Quality Control, and the latter is termed as Quality Assurance.

The Software Testing Services have separate processes and protocols in place which tests each and every functionality in a software in silos (which is termed as unit testing), as well as the entire product as a whole (which is known as integration testing). These tests are performed under strict and stringent test cases which are prepared based on the requirements set in the first process of the software development life cycle.

Now, based on the experience gained from multiple quality control initiatives, there are a set of best practices devised from the project findings. These best practices, known as Quality Assurance, help in negating or preventing the cause of the error in the development process. These quality initiatives prescribe processes which needs to be followed in all the different stages of the software development, and hence would reduce the occurrence of common issues and glitches.

Implementability of software – System and Acceptance Test

There are pre-defined testing environments which are set after the development and the routine testing of software. The software is tested in the system on which it was meant for, in terms of the user experience and the actual production load under which it would be implemented. Only after all these testing phases is the software accepted by the sponsor.

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Holiday Advertising benefits the eCommerce Store Owners

So the holidays are finally here, with a few more days to count for the Halloween and there comes the Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Finally, it would be Christmas and the New Year will be splashing. So, we are all set in a festive mood and have started to shop for the near and dear ones.

eCommerce Web DevelopmentThe online shops are now in craze and we now hardly turn towards the brick and mortar store, as we all love to sit back in the comfort of our home. From renovating our home to asking for a plumbing service, buying a beautiful Belgian crockery set to purchase of a land mower, we do it all from the online shops.

So as the customers looking for online supply for product are on the rise, the store owners tend to utilize the Holidays to explode with offers and make sure that they gain repeat customer form every tactic they take.

As per the recent findings and survey, we have seen a rising trend and Facebook says that their ads of eCommerce companies last holiday season. They say that have driven twice as many purchases as their ads during the other months of the year. It is according to the report of the Nanigans.

We saw the report was based on the analysis of the Facebook ad spend as well as the click received and impressions of eCommerce advertisers using Nanigans software in 2014. Well, the purchase related metrics that we have noticed were a mere calculation of the aggregating data across various samples of eCommerce advertisers that have same-day purchase attribution.

They have noted that the purchase rates during the 2014 holiday season doubled for nearly every day of every week and this was the analysis that was tracked down. The behavioral pattern shows that peak purchasing days during the holidays, as opposed to Thursdays was only the weekends compared to those of the last year. Apart from the Facebook ads, report there was also additional reports, which you can take a glance.

Now we need to look into the behavioral pattern that the surveyors have noticed in the desktop vs. mobile comparison. The share of eCommerce purchases that they made on mobile increased 140%, to 36% of total purchases that too during the 2014 holiday season. During the holidays in 2014, it was noticed that the hours between 9 and 11 AM ET were the most active and eCommerce ads, had a high flung rate during this hour.

eCommerce App

Apart from that, they also noticed the behavior as per the gender. Well, just before the holidays men and women enjoyed a similar buying pattern trend on both desktop and mobile. It was noticed that the desktop purchase rates slightly higher for both genders. Even during the 2014, we have seen that purchase behavior changed significantly and the largest shift that was seen was more than 233% jump in Facebook desktop ads’ driving purchases by men.

As for the click through rates, people can see an increased volume on Facebook eCommerce ads during the 2014 holiday season on both mobile and desktop. This high engagement witnesses that how the ads during the holidays fro eCommerce website holds to be productive and add more profits to the revenue stream.

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One Stop Solution- Build Online eCommerce Store for all your Business

The dominance of online commerce is visible in almost all business niches today, because of the ease of searching and buying products by customers, apart from the capability of eCommerce merchants to display their array of products online and enabling customers to experience a hassle free checkout process.

Online eCommerce Development

With the accessibility of a number of open source software for eCommerce Web Development such as Prestashop, Magento etc, it has become handy for merchants to integrate these eCommerce platforms to their online site. But, many merchants are not sure which one to install in their online site for effective functionality and hence they need to know which system that matches their type of business best.

The following important features of the eCommerce Systems will help you to decide for yourself which eCommerce software suits your online business process.

Features to look for to Build Online eCommerce Store

Catalog Management

Catalog management is an essential component to Build Online eCommerce Store, because it can manage all your products under one roof and can be uploaded to the eCommerce website. This feature can mitigate your valuable time by doing a mass uploading of products to your server. Also, the catalog must allow you to manage the prices of your products with ease.

Shipping and Delivery

A well-designed shipping and delivery extension is an essential feature in eCommerce Web Development to help your business process. This module is the most essential feature for your customers as well. Also, the extension needs to allow visitors to choose the type of shipping options, and enables them to auto calculate the shipping charges.

Payment Modules

Akin to shipping and delivery, making payment by customers is also one of the most vital features of an eCommerce platform. So, your eCommerce site should support all major payment gateways such as PayPal. A hassle free check out process for customers by allowing them to be on the payment page without redirecting them to another page of your site can make your site more reliable and trustworthy.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is very important for all eCommerce sites, because your products are required to be crawled and indexed by different search engines. Without Effective SEO, it will be difficult for your site get placed on top of the SERP, because generally visitors rarely go beyond the first page of search results while looking for what they want.


Thus, by thoroughly understanding your online business, you must be able to decide which eCommerce software is best suited for your business. The above mentioned features in the eCommerce software you opt for will enable you to manage and run your eCommerce site efficiently and without ensuring these features, your eCommerce site will not be able to get more traffic to your site and will result in your site lagging behind competitors.

Once you choose the apt eCommerce software for your website, you can build a creative and attractive eCommerce website seeking the help of an expert Website Builder to enable you to thrive successful in your online business.

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Build Android Mobile App for Magento Store – Elite mCommerce

You will come across many such extensions that are able to turn your eCommerce store mobile with the use of some add-ons or plugins. If you have an eCommerce store in Magento platform, then you simply need to look for the mobile app builder, which will completely synchronize your existing eCommerce website.

eCommerce Mobile App

The Magento Mobile App offers you one of the most convenient and easiest way to convert your website into mobile android applications so that you can easily reap great benefits of great sales by boosting the customer loyalty. With the use of Magento Mobile Apps, for the android platform customer’s user experience will enhance, as they will have hardly fewer steps to review the products.

You will find that there are no mobile phones and neither have you required any type of specific programming skills. It is easy to setup and much cheaper. The app developers can help you in building the right mobile app by using the bespoke coding on Magento side not on the mobile device application layer. It is more scalable and requires that it lower the skilled labor to manage. In most of the cases, it does not require any type of custom code.

How Mobile App Builder works?

Mobile App Builder is a module and based upon open source code, which is distributed freely to allow merchants to sign up and accordingly design, build and test the apps. The higher mobile conversion that you can enjoy with the use of simple mobile app and debit card screening. Customer card details stored in the cloud under PCI DSS Level 1 security is one of the safest ways to handle your features.

They work reliably and securely on the leading mobile operating system like Android. It helps empower merchants to adopt a continuously evolving strategy. Mobile app marketing is possible via in-app notifications help merchants to promote products, increase loyalty and have a greater engagement.

You will find that it is easy to add mobile specific content management, such as opening times and maps or store locator. Magneto mobile app easily synchronize to work with the existing Magento payment methods.

As soon as you integrate the Magneto Mobile App in your website, you will see that the settings are visible on the Magento admin panel. It is important to enter the few configuration details. Moreover, you need to interact with your Magento website through various web services such as categories, orders, catalog update, and customer profile.

Here are few steps to follow up right on the setup-

  • You simply need to set up a Magento store on your web server with some sample data
  • Magento Admin->Mobile->Manage Apps and add new mobile applications
  • Install Magento Mobile app on your device
  • Start the app on your device with your Magento store URL and app code of the application you just created.

Therefore, you can now enjoy a greater usability with the Magento Mobile App and look for more customers on mobile whom you have missed out earlier.

eCommerce Mobile App for Android & iOS | Elite mCommerce

Search Engine Optimization make Website Strong in On-Page Optimization

Web Designing and Website Promotion are two important things, but are quite different in their role in making a site successful.  Even if you are able to build your site very dynamic, but lacking in web site promotion efforts, it will fail to get ample traffic flow and more revenue. An efficiently created site is one that can generate good revenue and more traffic and for this, your site should appear on the top of the Google SERP through using Search Engine Optimization technique.

SEO Analysis Link Checker Tool

The importance of using Search Engine Optimization technique

SEO involves searching apt keywords that are used by users to search related products or services offered by the website. For site promotion, your site content must contain the relevant keywords for your site to appear in SERP.

In addition, you can optimize your site using Meta tags & descriptions. The Meta tags & descriptions that are related to the keywords are necessary for the on page optimization of a website.

Some of the SEO techniques used for Site Optimization

Competitive Analysis Tool

A widely used SEO technique is competitive analysis tool. Through using the Keyword Research Tools, you can get a list of keywords that you will be using in your website. Now, enter these keywords into many search engines. The top websites listed in the organic links that appear on the SERP are that of your competitors.

Once you have got the list of your competitors, you can use the Competitive Analysis Software tools. Through using these SEO Analysis Tool, you’ll get comparison data report of your site versus your competitors in areas such as traffic, backlinks, and coverage.

Site Audit Report

This also gives you information on a broken link which means a link that, instead of connecting a visitor to a website, relays an error message to the user. So the On Page Site Audit Report can reveal how well your site links are working and can identify those links that may require correction.

Website auditing can also examine other things, in addition to broken links. These include ease of searching for a site, the information currently displayed, and user navigability. The On Page Site Audit Report precisely indicates these and other factors that help web designers to make corrective steps wherever needed.


Search Engine Optimization is a process of employing strategies to enhance the visibility of a web site in search engines. When a website becomes more visible to the search engine, its placement within the SERP for relevant keywords will get increased; which in turn leads to more traffic flow to the website. More traffic to your site means more sales; therefore, it is evident why most of the businesses think of using Search Engine Optimization technique as an integral part of their routine business process.

SEO Analysis Tool | On Page Optimization

Magento – Build a Trendy Online Website of your large inventory Store

Today, one of the most popular and extensively used in eCommerce Web Development Solutions and much sought after by several online merchants is Magento Development. It is an open source eCommerce platform and seeking the help of Magento, you can create your large inventory store and can easily display your products or services across the world.

Magento eCommerce

The Magento platform is highly flexible, unlike other eCommerce platforms, which enables you to build a good, customized and user friendly eCommerce store. In addition to having a rich and advanced features, Magento provides users excellent flexibility to manage the content and appearance of their eCommerce store.

Why Magento is the most favored e-commerce platform?

  • The Magento platform comes with unlimited user-friendly features.
  • Enables you to update your eCommerce site automatically, which is absent in other e-commerce solutions.
  • It is quick and adaptable, means it enables for clients to do smooth search and buy products and services through your Magento store.
  • Magento offers users with an interactive and pleasant shopping experience.
  • Magento platform is embedded with a Successful SEO, promotion and enables efficient catalogue management to traders.
  • Magento development is capable of using attractive templates and themes that are modern, clean and easy to handle, when compared to various other e-commerce solutions.

Seeking the support of a professional Magento Online Store Builder, you will be able to build your online store adding various Magento Extensions to enhance the functionality of your eCommerce website. Also, the Magento specialists can analyze your business structure, future plans thoroughly and incorporate the required features suited to your needs. Such features include point of sale, stock management, payment gateways, product ribbons and slider etc.

Some of the aspects to be considered while choosing a Magento Online Store Builder

Years of experience

The developer you intend to hire must have wide experience in eCommerce website development, particularly Magento. An experienced Magento developer will thoroughly comprehend your business aims and can accomplish the task without any hassle.

Ask for sample work

If you are hiring a seasoned Magento Developer or one having less experience, always you need to ensure to ask for sample work. Thus, you can assess what you can expect from the developer by looking at the sample works for assessing his quality. Keep in mind your needs and analyze whether the Magento developer will be able to offer what your website needs.


Thus, through Magento Website Development, you can easily integrate Magento into your eCommerce store website in order to create a dynamic interface that not only helps to sell your products, but also gives a pleasant navigation experience to your site visitors. Also, with Magento, you can develop websites with varied size and with different functionality depending on the needs of your business. While doing Magento website development, you can choose amazing  array of templates and themes that are sophisticated and easier to handle, to  change the look and feel of your eCommerce site.