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Elite Salon APP! The next identity to your Salon Business

The widespread usage of mobile Apps in almost all business domains these days has brought about a vast change, the way businesses conduct their business processes. The Salon APP is not an exception to this phenomenon. Spa and Salon owners have been recognizing the significance of mobile app technology as the only viable marketing device to ensure growth in their business with their current clients and their potential clients as well.

The latest addition in the series of business Mobile APP is the Elite Salon APP that facilitates your Spa or Salon to stand apart from the crowd and will ensure your business the competitive edge and retain you professionally ahead of your competitors.

The customized Elite Salon APP for Android includes an array of immaculate features that can help sustaining your clients and bring more potential clients to your fold. The stylish and user friendly interface of Elite Salon APP offer an exhaustive array of salon management solutions to the advantage of salon business entities and their customers as well. This app also enables salon owners to connect with their clients on an altogether different platform. It facilitates spa owners to pay attention to the specific needs of customers to augment customer loyalty and client retention.

Salient features of Elite Salon App

  • User friendly Interface

The uniquely designed landing page of Elite APP enables you to interact with your clients and alert them on appointments, share your product updates and other offerings.

  • Daily Tips

This feature of Elite Salon APP facilitates the salon managers to exchange information, tips, latest trends, new concepts etc. in vogue across the globe in the domain of beauty and make-up.

  • Gallery

The Elite App facilitates customers to view images of interiors of your salon, diverse services offered and the cute works of your beauticians, through the Gallery feature embedded in this APP.

  • Shopping feature

The shopping interface is yet another feature that is accessible in the Elite APP which makes possible for clients a hassle free purchase of the latest range of products that you intend to offer.

  • Appointments

The Elite Salon mobile app allows salon owners to easily fix up, manage and track appointments of clients with just a few taps and touches.

  • Services

The well-crafted services section of this APP boasts of extensive array of beauty salon & spa services and exciting offers that your salon has in store for your clients. Also, the attractive reward system of this APP is certainly an encouraging feature for your clients to stay loyal and make repeated visits to access your services.

Thus, with many advantages and features embedded in the Elite Salon APP, this device is specifically designed to be used in varied Mobile platforms without any hassle. From the point of view of salon owners, this APP can be of immense help in retaining client loyalty, client retention and creating client data base of customers and for clients, this APP facilitates making appointments, accessing updates of new products and offerings extended by salon owners.

Drive revenue with eCommerce Mobile App – EMC

Mobile devices are increasingly become one of the most common ways to access the ever wide web. With more and more smartphones being adopted into everyday life, it amazingly creates new vivacious opportunities to increase revenue, site traffic and customers engagements anywhere, anytime. It has holistically given rise to a whole new direct marketing channel that if leveraged in the right way, can reap tremendous benefits and returns.

In today’s world, a paradigm shift is being witnessed in every sense – the transition from desktops to mobiles, the search engines recognizing mobile friendly websites, the steep rise in mobile apps adoption etc. It is all tuned towards your handy mobile device that you carry with you every day. It’s all about mobile phones and smart phones today. Your customers are most likely hooked on to it like everyone else, and that’s a huge market to tap. A whole new way to reach out to a wide audience.

The success of any business lies in its revenue, if your revenue grows in folds then you are very well going up the right path. Especially, if you have adopted mobile marketing strategies into your overall blueprint, the climb is only going to get higher. However, if you are new to it or looking for ways to enhance it further, give a thought to this incredibly functional ecommerce app builder - Elite mCommerce (EMC). It smartly transforms your existing site into an exclusive mobile app that you can proudly sport. The theme and feel of the site is absolutely replicated into the mobile app. Over and beyond just converting your site into a mobile app, it comes with a host of features that can be leveraged to enhance your mobile app.

The key features of the mobile app builder software include push notifications, Google analytics integration, convenient sync feature, customizable themes, store integration, multiple payment options, social media integration, store locator etc. Further, the mobile app builder now comes instated with multi-currencies and multi-lingual functionalities. With this incredible feature, business owners can run their online businesses beyond geographical barriers and can reach out globally.

Your revenue is directly proportional to the purchase behavior of your customers. Hence, customer engagement becomes immensely critical for sales conversions and subsequent boost to revenues. With a mobile app, customer engagement becomes as close as it can get. You can directly reach them on their personal mobile devices – post new information, alert about new arrivals and discount sales, constant reinforcement of your brand and so forth. Just with your app present on a mobile device, you are in sight and that’s a constant reminder and reinforcement of your brand. They say out of sight, out of mind – and businesses spend so much on advertising to help their brand be in sight. A mobile app simply takes care of this by just being a logo on your customer’s phone. With all the upsides that a mobile app holds, it’s about time to give serious thought to this ecommerce app builder – Elite mCommerce.

IOS & Android Mobile app development for Businesses

Mobile app development


Businesses need to ensure that they are investing their time, energy and resources rightfully and in the best way possible to proliferate success.  Most businesses in the ecommerce world, once they hook on to a marketing strategy that works for them, they stick to it and are content with it. They continue on the same lines, they stay on familiar ground and do not attempt to take risks that might just jeopardize their growth. However, for the long run, it is sensible to keep checking back on your strategy, stick to a few rules but also try and update it and grasp new opportunities that are out there. The world keeps evolving and business and marketing alike needs to be in sync with this evolution. One such opportunity that has been steadfastly breaking ground, is the mobile commerce, and its time more and more businesses takes advantage of this new age phenomena and reaps in the benefits.

Mobile commerce has grown bountifully and reached tremendous heights, but it is still growing and yet to reach its peak. On a global scale, in terms of both the developed and the developing countries, smartphones are being adopted widely. Especially now, smartphones are easily affordable and more and more people are realizing its benefits. Your target audience, your customer horde is out there browsing the web with their mobile devices.  Is there a way to reach them directly on their device?

Yes, with the growth of mobile phones, there has been a sharp rise in mobile app development too. The two most popular mobile platforms – the Android and the iOS with their robust technology, have enabled and spurred this growth of mobile apps. iOS app development and the android app development has brought about a flurry of new marketing activities. Mobile apps improves customer interaction and engagement, from the comforts of their mobile devices.

There are many app solution providers and app builders and one such is the outstanding Elite mCommerce (EMC). It remarkably transforms your existing site into an exclusive mobile app that you can proudly sport. The theme and feel of the site is absolutely replicated into the mobile app. Over and beyond just converting your site into a mobile app, it comes with a host of features that can be leveraged to enhance your mobile app. The key features of the mobile app builder software include push notifications, Google analytics integration, convenient sync feature, customizable themes, store integration, multiple payment options, social media integration, store locator etc. Further, the mobile app builder now comes instated with multi-currencies and multi-lingual functionalities. With this incredible feature, business owners can run their online businesses beyond geographical barriers and can reach out globally.

Gone are the days when basic marketing strategies were all that business owners needed. Now targeting a niche customer base is becoming more important than ever, and reaching them directly on their mobile devices is absolutely pivotal from a marketing point of view. This is now made possible with the new era of mobile devices and apps and reaching out to customers.

Convert estore to PrestaShop Multivendor Marketplace with dropshipper module

Selling through marketplaces might be more beneficial to your business than you can imagine. If you are armed with the drive to make your marketplace thrive, it’s time to lure vendors to sell their goods from your marketplace. Online marketplaces are a great way to get started. It allows vendors to sell goods without setting up their own online store, and many traditional businesses are now looking at marketplaces to expand their venture. Selling through online marketplaces provides a flexible business opportunity with relatively low start-up costs. eBay and Amazon are prime examples of well-established marketplaces.

Prestashop Multi vendor Marketplace Module


Many of today’s most prominent and successful online retailers began humbly as a small set up or at home, and grew organically within an online marketplace before branching out into their own website. One of the challenges of starting any business is attracting customers. Larger online marketplaces offer merchants and retailers access to a massive pool of existing and potential customers.

However, managing a marketplace with numerous vendors is not as easy as it sounds. This is where the newly launched PrestaShop MarketPlace module comes in handy. This module effectively enables business owners to set up and run their business across a marketplace platform, as well as enables the amazing feature of dropshipping. This module combines the benefits of marketplace and dropshipper module into one package to ably track and manage several vendors and their products from one place. This module absolutely simplifies multi-vendor management to another level. It enables easy management of the product catalog, orders, invoices, manifests, payments etc effortlessly.

The extremely user friendly interface of the Marketplace Extension is easily navigable and used by store owners to manage the varied vendors, vendor products, orders, commissions, payouts etc. Other rich features include fast shipping process, secure payment services, website visibility increment, social media interactions, multiple language support, multiple currency format support etc.

The dropshipper feature integrated into this module is incredibly functional with amazing in-built features that are easy to configure, it smoothly takes total control of your entire multi shipping management. Automating the shipping process saves you considerable, valuable time, reduces the risk of manual data entry errors and enables the shipments to be dispatched quickly! Further, the module adeptly facilitates and optimizes the way orders are managed and coordinated with the vendors. This notable PrestaShop module ably controls all the transactions that does it rounds amongst business owners, vendors and customers in an efficient manner, thus attracting more vendors to be a part of your online business.

Marketplaces offer a unique channel to the owners & retailers and also access to new sources of supply & demand. This exemplar extension is highly beneficial, and easily allows even non-tech-savvy business owners to manage their marketplace from the easy-to-use admin panel. Third party retailers and vendors, along with their products, can be easily and completely managed and coordinated from this richly featured platform. It’s a one stop shop for starting a marketplace!

Mobile friendly websites are trending. Are you part of this trend?

The fact is that if your business website isn’t optimized for mobiles, if it isn’t mobile friendly as yet, bottom line – you’re bound to ultimately lose sales. Mobile friendly sites are nothing but sites that have been optimized in such a way that they can be viewed seamlessly and effortlessly from the comforts of your mobile device while you are on the go!


Mobile Friendly website trends


Research shows that 57 percent of mobile users will abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load and 30 percent will abandon a purchase transaction if the shopping cart isn’t optimized for mobile devices. Research also claims that smartphones and tablets account for around 30% – 50% of the online traffic. Further, A recent Google survey of mobile users found that 72 percent of mobile users say it’s important to them that websites are mobile-friendly, and that they were more likely to revisit a mobile-friendly site.

Hence, there is no doubt that mobile optimization can generate more traffic, increase sales, boost business, improve customer engagement, and also can give you an extra edge over competition! Given the statistics and considering how important a website can be even for a small business, it seems quite palpable to go the extra mile to ensure your website is mobile friendly.  It is becoming increasingly so important that  even Google, the Search engine giant, recently released a significantly new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm that has been especially designed to give a boost to mobile-friendly pages in Google’s mobile search results, and help them rank better.

Approaches to create Mobile friendly site

1. Responsive

Implementing a responsive web design, provides optimal user experience irrespective of whether the user views the site on a desktop, tablet or smartphone. It is a one size fits all. The site automatically fits and conforms with respect to the type of mobile or desktop device it is to be viewed on. One site can be implemented across devices, instead of creating separate websites for separate devices. With responsive design, your website looks and functions the same, regardless of what device you’re using to view it. So, quite simply said, a responsive design will just minimize or expand your site, depending on the size of the screen, without losing its structure.

2. RESS/ Adaptive/Dynamic serving

Dynamic serving is quite similar to responsive design, other than the fact that it only uses one URL (meaning you won’t have an “m.” URL structure for mobile sites).The major difference with dynamic serving is more to do with the HTML coding of your site, which will change depending on the mobile device used to access the site. This in a way is more appealing to users in the sense that it segments your mobile site better for mobile users.

3.  Separate Mobile site

There is considerable debate on whether a responsive website is better or it’s ideal to go with a dedicated mobile website. A mobile-only site is typically a concise version of the main desktop website. Some say a dedicated mobile site is better in terms of dedicated technology, return on investment and user experience. But at the end of the day, it totally depends on your unique and personal business need.

How it helps SEO?

With most searches being performed from mobile devices, SEO is being revolutionized to rank mobile friendly sites higher. This is in tune with Google’s upgraded algorithm that looks to boost the performance of mobile friendly sites, by helping them rank better when a search is carried out. It’s more important than ever to have a mobile-friendly website, especially if you want to rank well in Google’s results.

A remarkable tool developed by eGrove is the Elite Site Optimizer (ESO). The ESO is a powerful Enterprise SEO Analysis tool that impeccably provides you with a clear-cut vision of your site’s performance. It supports businesses by keenly monitoring the mobile keyword rankings and comparing them with the desktop ranking data, thereby leads to appropriate action plan to have better visibility in search engine.

The Mobile Rank Analysis feature of the ESO gives detailed ranking data about the given keywords across a choice of mobile platforms, site domains, search engines and search locations. By incorporating ESO into your marketing strategy, you can incredibly improve the SEO and Mobile ranking performance of your website!

The ever increasing rise in smartphones and internet usage, the constant and rapid growth of mobile traffic, and the endless proliferation of applications into tablets and mobile devices, seems to be the driving force towards the move to adopt mobile-friendly websites. This is only going to escalate at a massive rate in the near future. So what are you waiting for? Mobile devices, are undoubtedly a promising channel for new age marketing. It will most assuredly lead to a surge in traffic as well as sales. It will also highlight your business to stand apart from its competitors as an innovator instead of a follower. Be the change you want to see.

Marketplace – For Successful and Reliable Business

What is a marketplace? As everybody knows, marketplace is a place where people gather for buying and selling purposes. If you have ever gone to a marketplace, you would have seen different products being sold by various sellers. The similar strategy is followed even in the eCommerce business. Planning to enhance your online business? Then convert your e-store into a highly beneficial marketplace!

Are you a Magento user?

Magento is voted as the popular and powerful eCommerce platform widely used to create attractive eCommerce websites. It is considered appropriate for small to medium businesses. With the Magento online store, merchants can offer an excellent shopping experience to their customers.

The following benefits make Magento the most popular eCommerce platform:

  • More flexible and easy to use
  • Large collection of templates
  • Third-party apps and plugin library

So, if you are a Magento user, i.e., have a website built on the Magento platform, then the Magento Marketplace Extension is a boon to you.

Magento Marketplace

This Marketplace extension when implemented on to your website opens many doors for other buyers and sellers. People who are interested to sell their goods have to register on your site. The site admin can then provide commission according to the sales. Any normal Magento store will be transformed into a marketplace.

Magento MarketPlace Extension | Multi Vendor Shopping Cart

Key features of marketplace:

  • Add configurable products
  • Vendor vacation mode
  • Attractive seller panel
  • Seller payout
  • Stock import and export
  • Commission by seller, product, category, customer group and product type
  • Commission type can be either percentage or fixed

The ‘Add configurable products’ feature allows the site admin to provide options to add configurable products. Another unique feature is the Vendor vacation mode. This functionality when enabled his products will not be displayed.

Seller Portal Features:

  • Special and attractive seller control panel
  • Interface to manage profile, products, orders, invoices, manifests and payments in one place
  • Ability to update their profile information, password information and view commission information
  • Ability to upload Shop logo and add shop URL
  • Add simple products and configurable products
  • Add existing products from catalog.
  • Ability to view their orders, invoices, pending dispatches, manifests.
  • Ability to view their payment history.
  • Get instant notifications about orders, products and payment from admin.

Commissions Offered

The marketplace site owner can offer commission based on seller, products, product category, customer group and product type. The bulk payout to the sellers is also possible in this Marketplace extension.

Therefore, the Magento Marketplace extension helps you to run an innovative and interactive eCommerce store in this competitive business world.

Download: Magento MarketPlace Extension | Multi Vendor Shopping Cart

Convert site visitors to registered users with the Hide Product Price extension

Hide and seek has been the most favorite children’s game for a very long time. The player whose eyes are blindfolded should try to reach or touch the other players. This same concept is followed in the Hide product price extension. This Magento extension does not allow anonymous visitors to view the price of the products.

Customers are obsessed with purchasing items at the lowest cost. They mostly compare the products from various sites. The eCommerce stores have many software integrated to make the site more functional and beneficial. Magento is one such eCommerce software that plays a vital role in enhancing the website and keeping it a step ahead of the competitors.

About Magento  

Magento is one of the most popular and powerful eCommerce platform widely used to create attractive eCommerce websites. With Magento integrated in the online store, merchants can offer an excellent shopping experience to their customers. It is a feature rich eCommerce platform which provides a flexible admin panel for the website owner to control his own website look, content, and functionality.

Many Magento extensions can be integrated into the Magento online store, enabling merchants to offer an excellent shopping experience to the customers. Many new extensions are released in Magento that enables you to boost up your e-store. There are many companies that readily offer Magento Development Services to improve the performance of your sites.

Hide Product Price extension

The Hide Product Price is a Magento extension that allows the merchant to hide the price of the products for non-registered users. So, the non-registered users cannot view the prices of the items displayed and have to register to get to know the price of the products.

Features of this extension

  • Merchants have the liberty to enable or disable this feature as desired
  • Allows admin to make restriction based on the category ID
  • Can choose limited users by customer groups to view the products and make purchases
  • The pricing can be hidden for all non-registered users, thus  anybody who has not logged are prevented from viewing the price details or adding any items to the cart
  • Easy to install and can be put to use immediately

This module is highly beneficial for online store owners, as it locks the add to cart option as well as the add to wish list. Only if the user signs up and registers in the site can he or she view the prices and add items for purchase.

Visitors who are really interested to make purchases will register and login to know the cost details. Therefore, to increase conversions and to let people know more about your site, this extension will be very helpful.

Magento Best eCommerce Modules | Module Bazaar

Redirect your clients to their native language! Using Auto Switcher GeoIP Module

Wanna increase the traffic and boost sales of your business? You should attract and satisfy all online shoppers when they visit your eCommerce store. This will lead to more traffic and sales. Most of the successful businesses widely depend on the customer satisfaction. It is the key to repeat business and referral. If you make your customers feel comfortable and special in your store, you can easily increase the sales of your business.

Why Customer Satisfaction is So Important?

70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated – McKinsey.

Customers have lots of choices on where and who to deal with. If customers feel that you cannot satisfy their expectations they will simply move to another store and deal with someone who will. There a million ways are followed by business owners to make their customers feel happy. But some ways give the expected result and some may not. By choosing the best and effective way for your business, you can achieve your goal quickly.

  • The customer makes it possible to achieve business aims
  • The relationship between the customer and the organization is the important one for the business growth
  • Without customers the organization would not exist
  • By fulfilling the needs of the customers, the organization can easily increase the sales of the business
  • If the organization failed to satisfy the customers, then they could lose their customers

How to Satisfy Customers?

The eCommerce business offers more benefits to the customers as well as the business owners. Hence, there are millions of eCommerce sites on the Internet built by the business owners. If you want to attract many customers and to increase your business sales, you must provide a valuable reason for your customers to visit your site repeatedly and to purchase products in your store.

PrestaShop Currency Auto Switcher + GeoIP Location Module

Most of the business owners think that creating an impressive website is enough to attract the visitors towards the website. But it is not true. Many online customers wish to use website which is easy to use and offers excellent customer services. The Currency Auto Switcher + GeoIP Location Module helps you to attract the online visitors and to offer the best customer services in your store.

That means, if an online visitor visit your eCommerce store, this module detects the visitor location based on his IP address and redirects him/her to the respective URL or store which has all product and website information based on visitor native language. Depends on the country of the visitor, the module switches the current setup.

People from different countries visit the eCommerce stores every day. If you provide your product or website details based on your visitor language, you can make them happy and comfortable. This will satisfy the online shoppers and urge them to make more purchases in your eCommerce store.


Enhance your store performance and satisfy all your customers by implementing this module in your eCommerce store. Make your customers feel at ease and this will lead to definite improvement in sales.

Best eCommerce Module for PrestaShop | Module Bazaar

Enjoy hassle free shipping experience using UPS

Everyone knows that online shopping is a current trend of shopping method which attracted more than millions of people towards it. Hence, there are countless eCommerce websites comes with rich features to provide the best shopping experience to the online shoppers.

Running a successful eCommerce store is widely depends on the products, payment process, and shipping process. In this article, we are going to see how to provide a hassle free shipping experience to the users in your PrestaShop eCommerce store.


One of the most popular and powerful open source eCommerce softwares in the online business industry is, PrestaShop. The features of PrestaShop make it as the most preferable eCommerce software by the website owners and the users. The PrestaShop growing community consists of over thousands of developers, designers, and eCommerce addicts. There are thousands of eCommerce PrestaShop Best Modules helps the merchant to run an excellent eCommerce store.

The biggest benefit of using PrestaShop is, it supports many shipping carriers such as UPS (United Parcel Service), USPS (United State Postal Service), FedEx (Federal Express), Canada Post, Australian Post (AuPost), and DHL, to deliver the product in a safe and fast way to the customers. There are many modules developed by integrating PrestaShop with these shipping carriers.

United Parcel Service (UPS)

UPS is one of the largest delivery companies in the world. UPS expanded its delivery services by acquiring “common carrier” rights to deliver packages between all customers, both private and commercial. It delivers over 15 million packages each day to over 6.1 million customers. UPS operates in more than 200 countries and territories around the world. They also handle freight services, trucking companies, mailbox stores, and much more. It allows customers to track their package and find out exactly where it is and whether the package will be delivered without any delay.

PrestaShop UPS Shipping Label Module

Hassle free shipping experience in PrestaShop eCommerce store using UPS

Do you really want to provide the best shipping experience in your eCommerce store? You should use the best shipping carrier, allow your customers to track their products, and provide different shipping options to achieve your goal.

Have you ever wondered why some people regret to shop through eCommerce websites? When they placed an order in the shopping cart they don’t know exactly at what day and what time did they get their purchased product. Sometimes the customer can receive a call when he/she are in out of station to attend a family function or somewhere, that I am coming from this shopping center to deliver your product, can you come and collect the product now?… This makes the customer feel bad about the online shopping and induce to stop shopping at that particular site.

The PrestaShop Shipping Module generates a UPS shipping label with a tracking number for your customers to track their products in an effective and easy manner. This module encourages customers to purchase more products from your store and it increases the sales of your business.

Ways Your Ecommerce Website Can Take an Advantage of the Upcoming Holidays

The holiday season is drawing near and the big dates are getting closer. So what are you doing about it? If you want this year’s holidays to rock for you, then you have to start preparing for it right now! With Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, Cyber Monday and other holidays, it is high time that you amp up your eCommerce website.

According to a report filed by the National Retail Federation, holiday sales have been increasing by around 3.5% every year. So, keeping this in mind, it is suggested that you follow these below mentioned ways to improve your eCommerce website and earn massive revenues come this holiday season.

Foresee When Your Customer Will Shop

While you get ready for the holiday season sale race, it is important that you also refer to the analytics of your eCommerce website to gauge which holidays are the busiest over the years. For example, if you ask any retailer regarding the busiest holiday, they will say Cyber Monday. According to ComScore, a 30% increment in sales was identified on Cyber Monday and the total sales were $1.5 billion.

Prepare for a Plethora of Online Shoppers

Your Cyber Monday sales could turn out to be a bust if the sudden influx of online customers slows down your ecommerce website. To counter this, it is absolutely essential that your site is in perfect working order so there are no problems with loading or crashing.

Create Trendy, Informative and Fun Holiday Content for Your Website

Although optimizing your website’s content will not have a major effect on sales, you can still establish your authority over your products and services by providing your customers creative content which helps them pick out the best items to purchase.

Optimize Your Checkout

Do not underestimate this point. There are many eCommerce website that suffer losses on the checkout page. Now, there can be two problems with a checkout page: it either does not function as it should or the shipping costs are high. You should know that offers for free shipping can earn you dividends, but it is also necessary that you optimize your checkout page and you can do that by adding related products, something that has mastered.

Use Mobile Responsive Websites

People today, instead of physically going to stores, shop using their smartphone and tablets and this has become the norm. If you wish to increase you sales this year, it is imperative that you amp up your mobile website. If you don’t have one, get one designed.

According to statistics provided by E-Marketer, it has been forecasted that this year online mobile sales could account for 16%, which amounts to $41.68 billion. All in all, if you wish to compete with your rivals on an equal footing this year, it is important that you equip yourself with a proper and functioning eCommerce website.

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