Ways Your Ecommerce Website Can Take an Advantage of the Upcoming Holidays

The holiday season is drawing near and the big dates are getting closer. So what are you doing about it? If you want this year’s holidays to rock for you, then you have to start preparing for it right now! With Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, Cyber Monday and other holidays, it is high time that you amp up your eCommerce website.

According to a report filed by the National Retail Federation, holiday sales have been increasing by around 3.5% every year. So, keeping this in mind, it is suggested that you follow these below mentioned ways to improve your eCommerce website and earn massive revenues come this holiday season.

Foresee When Your Customer Will Shop

While you get ready for the holiday season sale race, it is important that you also refer to the analytics of your eCommerce website to gauge which holidays are the busiest over the years. For example, if you ask any retailer regarding the busiest holiday, they will say Cyber Monday. According to ComScore, a 30% increment in sales was identified on Cyber Monday and the total sales were $1.5 billion.

Prepare for a Plethora of Online Shoppers

Your Cyber Monday sales could turn out to be a bust if the sudden influx of online customers slows down your ecommerce website. To counter this, it is absolutely essential that your site is in perfect working order so there are no problems with loading or crashing.

Create Trendy, Informative and Fun Holiday Content for Your Website

Although optimizing your website’s content will not have a major effect on sales, you can still establish your authority over your products and services by providing your customers creative content which helps them pick out the best items to purchase.

Optimize Your Checkout

Do not underestimate this point. There are many eCommerce website that suffer losses on the checkout page. Now, there can be two problems with a checkout page: it either does not function as it should or the shipping costs are high. You should know that offers for free shipping can earn you dividends, but it is also necessary that you optimize your checkout page and you can do that by adding related products, something that Amazon.com has mastered.

Use Mobile Responsive Websites

People today, instead of physically going to stores, shop using their smartphone and tablets and this has become the norm. If you wish to increase you sales this year, it is imperative that you amp up your mobile website. If you don’t have one, get one designed.

According to statistics provided by E-Marketer, it has been forecasted that this year online mobile sales could account for 16%, which amounts to $41.68 billion. All in all, if you wish to compete with your rivals on an equal footing this year, it is important that you equip yourself with a proper and functioning eCommerce website.

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Want a hassle free dropshipping experience? Try PrestaShop DropShipper

Many online business owners feel that shipping the products to customers is the most difficult process in an eCommerce store business. If you are one of them, you will love the idea of DropShipping, as it offers numerous benefits to make the shipping process simpler. If you have decided to use Dropshipping method, make sure to use the best DropShippers for your business. The professional DropShipper will provide the excellent shipping experience to you as well as your customers.

In this article, we are going to see how a PrestaShop Shipping Module helps you to run a successful eCommerce store without worrying about the shipping process.

What is DropShipper?

A DropShipper is a wholesaler that makes an agreement with a retailer to ship products individually. When you use a Wholesaler you don’t have to worry about stocking or shipping products. Instead, when you get an order from a customer, you contact your wholesaler and they ship it to your customer for you. This means you, as a retailer, can sell various products without ever having to stock any inventory. This makes DropShipping very appealing for new, small, home-based online businesses.

PrestaShop DropShipper Module

How to choose a DropShipper for your online store?

If you want to choose a DropShipper for your online store, then you should ask these questions to your DropShipper.

Which shipping carriers do they use?

The best shipping carriers will deliver the product to the customers at the right time. If your customer doesn’t get their package on time, they’re not going to blame your DropShipper, they’re going to blame you. So make sure that your DropShipper uses best shipping carriers such as UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc.

How much will it cost?

DropShipping providers will charge an annual or a membership fee, while on the other charge you per month or per transaction. So, choose a DropShipper based on your budget. The Best DropShipper eCommerce can provide you the services at an affordable cost.

Do they ship internationally?

Every business wants to extend their store services from national to international. So check whether the DropShipper is able to ship product internationally.

Will they send comments or updates to you?

Make sure that the DropShipper adds shipping comments and updates it to you regularly. So that you can easily come to know the status of the shipping products and keep track of it.

About the Module

When a customer places an order on the PrestaShop site, this module helps the merchant to send the order and the shipping details directly from his site to the supplier or the vendor. They will take care of the entire shipping process. The merchant can save more time. Calculates shipping rates based on product weight, product cost, product quantity, and location of the customer.


By using this PrestaShop DropShipper Module, you can provide the best shipping experience to your customers. Make your customers happy and increase the sales of your business.

Enhance your PrestaShop Home page using Video Image Slider

Most of the potential customers wish to visit the website which has the ability to give the required information in a quick and efficient way. The most important thing is that when a user visits your website, you have about 5 seconds to grab their attention before they click off. The website which has this type of quality can earn more number of traffic and sales. If you want to increase the sales of your business, then enhance your website by using the PrestaShop Slider Module.

Why PrestaShop?

Plenty of eCommerce software is available on the Internet, but this module was developed for PrestaShop based eCommerce sites as it powers more than 165,000 online stores in the eCommerce business world. Most of the website owners prefer PrestaShop for their eCommerce websites because it  has many rich features such as multiple currency and multiple language support; integrating with many social networking sites, payment gateways and shipping carriers; and has PCI compliance, SSL certificate, marketing and promotional tools.

About the Video Image Slider Module?

As a website owner, you should provide an attractive website to hold the attention of visitors. If this is not achieved, then your website’s bounce rate will increase and visits will reduce drastically. If your website isn’t getting any traffic, you’re not generating any sales. So enhancing your website’s appearance will give more traffic and business sales.

PrestaShop Video Image Slider Extension

To achieve this goal most merchants spend too much money unnecessarily. Without spending too much of money and time, you can easily achieve your goal with the help of this PrestaShop Video Image Slider module. It allows you to display images or videos or HTML texts which are describing the features of the website and the products in a single slide show banner.

If you wish to highlight any products such as new products or discount products, this module will help you to showcase those products on the home page of your website in a slide format. So that your customers can easily know about all the excellent products in the slides. This is a perfect module for capturing and retaining the attention of all the visitors.

Features and Benefits:

  • Easy to install, use and customize
  • The module is compatible with Prestashop 1.4 and above versions
  • The slide moves automatically
  • If a user wants to view any particular slides, he can use Start/Stop option which is available below the slides
  • Images can be uploaded on the users’ interest and images could be chosen from the ‘choose file’ option in the backend.
  • Ability to manage the translations in your (PrestaShop) website
  • The edit option in the back-office used to replace the existing images or videos in any blocks
  • Videos can be uploaded by pasting the ‘Embed Video Code’ such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
  • Text links can be placed with the Titles in HTML format, so that if any customer wish to know more about the product means, he can click that link
  • Images/Videos can be deleted and uploaded in the back-office


By implementing the PrestaShop Video Image Slider Extension in your eCommerce site, you can provide a stunning and impressive website to the online users. This draws a large number of customers towards your eCommerce site, increases the website traffic and product sales.

On Page SEO element analysis for better Page Ranking

The Pew Internet & American Life survey states “In January 2002, 52% of all Americans used search engines. In February 2012 that figure grew to 73% of all Americans. On any given day in early 2012, more than half of adults using the internet use a search engine (59%)”. The rate of search engine users is bound to constantly and steadily increase as people do a lot of web research to access the best sites. If a site owner is determined to make his or her web site gain a top rank in search engines, then Keyword Ranking Analysis is a procedure that must not be skipped at any cause.

Ranking Analysis

This is the process of keeping track of the websites and constantly checking the ranking data, such as comparative ranking, ranking for URL combinations for any given keywords and page-wise rank data. It is a complicated task for a site owner to handle all these processes. Hence, an SEO tool is the perfect solution for this complicated task.

An ideal SEO tool will perform all the following procedures to enhance the performance of websites. Analysis will be performed on various On Page Elements and reports will also be generated, thus it becomes easy even for the non-SEO professionals to keep track. The following are the practices that should be focused by an SEO tool.

Auditing the site

A website should be thoroughly checked for any on-page issues in terms of title tags, links, missing H1 tags, images with no ALT tags, and many more.

Checking for links

The internal links and other links should be checked for accuracy or broken links or if they are re-directed to the correct web page.

Using appropriate keywords

An important part of a website is the content. This web content is supposed to be original and distinct with the right keywords induced at the right place.

What is Elite Site Optimizer?

Elite Site Optimizer (ESO) is an SEO tool that comes with many capabilities to improve a website. Its main objective is to analyze the domain performance and enable the site to reach the top rank. SEO professionals or site admin can acquire various reports such as keyword ranking, custom reports, social signal tracking, and analytics ranking. Many features such as Site audit, Link checker Analysis, Top action items, Brand vs. Non-branded keywords, etc. are available in ESO.

Apart from these valuable features, ESO offers some advanced features such as, mobile keyword ranking, API and Google analytics.

Making SEO friendly URLs, website’s visibility can be improved and ranking in the search engines will also be moved to a higher position.

Elite Site Optimizer | SEO Analysis Tool

What is Mobile Loyalty & does your store have it?

Gone are the days when food shelter and clothing were considered essentials. As of 2014, there are about 4 billion mobile phone users and about 1.08 billion of them use smartphones. As of 2012, 25% of the consumers engaged in online shopping via mobile and the number continues to grow.

Digital coupons have been around for years, but they didn’t really take off until mobile devices became commonplace. These offers no longer need to be printed out from the computer. Instead, they can be redeemed on portable smartphones or tablets, which has sent the number of digital coupon users soaring. A new report from eMarketer finds that more than half of U.S. adult internet users, or 102.5 million people, will redeem a digital coupon this year, up 11 percent over last year. By 2015, nearly 58 percent of internet users will have redeemed a coupon. The report finds that almost 70 percent of mobile coupon users will access a coupon on their smartphone. Of course, another key component in the digital coupon boom, in addition to new technology, is the state of the U.S. economy. More people are looking to save money in this time of economic uncertainty, and so coupon use in general has risen.” finds a study.

“Smartphones offer shoppers a convenient channel to discover and redeem deals, and are particularly favored by consumers who are looking for values while on the go. Younger consumers, who tend to be less likely to cut out printed coupons than their parents, have particularly taken to smartphone coupon redemption.” says Alison McCarthy, forecasting analyst at eMarketer.
And to address this booming segment the mobile Loyalty App seems the ideal segment.

What is Mobile Loyalty?

Mobile Loyalty Program is a marketing channel that is delivered to targeted customers directly on their smartphones. The customers will always stay updated about the offers and deals of their favorite brands. There are many Customer Loyalty programs available, and each app can be designed to match your business or products.

How does this Mobile Loyalty app work?

By providing targeted offers to each customer, this Loyalty App keeps the merchants and the customers engaged at all times. Customers are kept updated about exclusive offers and this will help them take faster buying decisions. Apart from that they also share these offers to their family and friends. This indirectly increases the sales.

Since the Loyalty details and coupons are digital It is not necessary for the customers to carry their loyalty cards in the wallet wherever they go. The Mobile loyalty app acts as the loyalty card, therefore making it simple for the shoppers to avail the offers. Reward points can also be managed and redeemed with the help of this Loyalty App. There are push notifications available for newly created deals & coupons that can help the shopper to identify their offers.

Does your store have this Mobile Loyalty app?

If the answer is no, then it’s high time to integrate the mobile loyalty app in your store and push notifications to your registered customers on the deals, coupons, and reward points provided. The good news is that the Elite Loyalty App provides an additional feature geographically locating a registered user and push him location specific shopping details and offers. The store owner can set the boundary limit by providing the latitude and longitude for their store branch. This attracts new customers and also retains the existing customers.

Integrate Elite loyalty App to take your business to the next level and increase your store’s profit. Smart merchants will start using the Mobile Loyalty App and find ways to make shopping more exciting and more profitable.

WooCommerce UPS Access Point for Your WordPress Store

Nowadays, people are very busy with works and are packed with schedules during their weekends. This is one of the main reasons for the popularity of online shopping. But, the concern of the shoppers is about the delivery of the goods; what if the shoppers are not in the required place at the time of delivery? The solution for this condition is offered by the WooCommerce UPS Access Point Module.

About WooCommerce

WooCommerce Shopping Cart presents a great set of marketing and SEO tools. It provides various useful extensions that are user-friendly and easily customizable. It helps you to manage the whole store from a single login and consists many add-ons with features like shipping, payments, inventory, marketing and reporting. It provides all the required features to effectively run any online store. WooCommerce is the best choice for the WordPress users seeking many features to make the website more functional.

About WordPress

WordPress is an open source tool and a content management system (CMS) which is highly customizable, easy to use, and complies with the web standards. As many valuable WordPress Plugins are produced, this tool is gaining rapid popularity in the eCommerce market. Each plugin is designed with rich features that improve your website standard and help you to tremendously increase your online business profit. The plugins can be chosen based on the business requirements. This makes for an effective and efficient improvement of the website performance and fulfills the business requirements.

About WooCommerce UPS Access Point

With this UPS Access Point extension customers are provided the facility to choose the nearest delivery location. The customer has to specify the address and search for a convenient access point location to collect his or her product. Based on post code of the address the UPS access point network provides the list of access points that are close to that pin code via Google map. Shop name, Shop image, Shop timings, address and distance information will be displayed for the complete understanding of the customer. Therefore the customers can select their convenient access point and receive their package from that UPS location.


WordPress WooCommerce UPS Access Point

Benefits of WooCommerce UPS Access Point extension

  • Customers need not worry about not being at the required place during the delivery of product
  • Easily accessible delivery point location within the neighborhood
  • Notifies the customers that their package has arrived at the store and is ready for collection
  • Proof of identity should be provided while claiming the product in order to prevent fraudulent activities
  • In addition to the above benefits, there is another facility where your friend or a known person can collect your package in your absence, by providing your photo identity along with his or her photo ID. The UPS access point will record the signature and proof ID for security purpose and for future reference.

Features for retailers

  • The site admin will have the option to enable/disable the UPS Access point module
  • Retailers can hand-pick access points based on location and layout
  • By integrating A CRON job the customer manifest information is uploaded to the UPS on a daily basis
  • Makes your online store more desirable and favorable thus promoting optimum sales

This WordPress UPS plugin is definitely a blessing bestowed on online store retailers. It helps in improving the customer experience by providing merchants the convenience to offer efficient and customer friendly deliveries.

Download: WordPress WooCommerce UPS Access Point Plugin

PayPal Payment Modules for your eCommerce Store

Electronic Commerce or eCommerce, is a type of business which is used to sell and buy the products and services via Internet. All the payment transactions are done through the online with the help of the payment gateway. A payment gateway is an eCommerce application service provider which acts as a link between the merchant and the customer during the checkout process to make the payment transaction in the eCommerce store more secure and successful.

Plenty of payment gateways are ready to provide services to the online store users. PayPal is a leading international payment gateway which is providing excellent payment services to the online store merchants and the customers. The PayPal Payment Integration Service is used by many countries around the globe. Many merchants love to use PayPal payment services in their eCommerce stores as it offers a secure way of processing the payment transactions. Hence it is the most popular payment gateway in the eCommerce business world. With this integration service website owner can build a successful online store.

PayPal has the capabilities to process more than 8 million payment transactions in a safe and effective manner. One of the biggest feature is, it allows people to send money without sharing financial information, and with the flexibility to pay using their account balances, bank accounts, credit cards or promotional financing. PayPal plays an important role in the payment processing industry.

There are many modules are developed by integrating the eCommerce store software with the PayPal payment gateway to make the payment transactions safer and faster. Each PayPal Payment Integration Module is developed with rich features and functionalities to fulfil all the business requirements of the merchants and the users. All the PayPal modules come with great facilities that helps merchants to easily enhance his online business. It offers many advantages such as:

  • Simple to install and use the module.
  • Easy to accept all major credit card payments from the customers.
  • Merchants will receive notification, when a buyer makes a purchase by means of Payment Data Transfer.
  • Fraud-prevention systems control the risk and helps to allow only the kinds of transaction you want.
  • Help to maintain detailed transaction records.
  • Provide flawless checkout experience by customizing the PayPal payment pages with the colors and logos.
  • Helps merchant to accept payments via phones, fax, and mail orders.
  • Automatically return customers to the merchant website after they have completed their payment by using the Auto Return.
  • Allow merchants to choose a perfect payment module based on the business requirement.
  • Provide payment processing services at an affordable cost.

These eCommerce Modules make the customer feel comfortable and boost them to purchase more products from the eCommerce store. By using the perfect module in the eCommerce store, the merchant can run a successful business with more productivity. This is an excellent way to offer the best shopping experience to the customers.

Magento SMS Country Extension to send order details to Customers

Each time the mobile beeps, we stop whatever we are doing and take a moment to grab the mobile and read the SMS. This shows how vital the short message service has become in our day to day life. Here are some interesting facts about SMS, based on the statistics.

  • 96% of Smartphone users use SMS
  • In 2011, in the UK 150 billion text messages were sent
  • 75% of the mobile phones all over the world has SMS facility
  • On an average, text messages are read within 5 seconds
  • On an average, the time taken for a message to be delivered is 7 seconds or lesser
  • SMS has an engagement rate that is 6 to 8 times higher than emails
  • On an average a person looks at his/her phone 150 times per day

Considering all the above facts, using SMS for online business proves to be a highly beneficial approach.

Magento is a leading eCommerce software. More than 200,000 merchants around the world trust in Magento. Many Magento Extensions can be integrated into the Magento online store, enabling merchants to offer an excellent shopping experience to the customers. Many new extensions are released in Magento that enables you to boost up your e-store. The SMS Country module consists of valuable features that helps to manage customers and organize reward points via SMS.


Magento SMS Country Extension

Magento SMSCountry

The SMSCountry Magento Extension enables the merchant to send SMS to the customers when orders are processed. This module includes many features such as,

  • Order place SMS can be enabled or disabled.
  • Order invoice SMS can be enabled or disabled.
  • Order shipment SMS can be enabled or disabled.
  • Order cancel SMS can be enabled or disabled.
  • Messages can be configured in the admin panel for the order place message
  • Messages can be configured in the admin panel for the order invoice message
  • Messages can be configured in the admin panel for the order shipment message
  • Messages can be configured in the admin panel for the order cancel message

This extension based on the SMS feature on order checkout provides many benefits for the merchants. They are:

  • SMS activities can be logged for later verifications
  • Number of characters per message can be specified
  • SMS Sender Id can be specified
  • SMS will be sent if customers get rewards points

Whenever a customer earns a reward point a message is sent to that particular customer to intimate him. The message that is to be sent can be created by the merchant or the admin. Besides all the features, this SMS gateway service extension is compatible with Magento Community Version 1.5+ and is easy to install.

This cost-efficient SMS gateway system is simple and effective and can be used by anyone for any type of business. By sending such customized SMS a strong bond of trust can be created between the merchant and the customer. Any experienced Magento Development service provider can be approached for installing this exclusive extension on your website. This will certainly result in an advantageous business as merchants can stay connected to customers anywhere in the world.

Download: Magento SMS Country Extension

Magento FedEx Address Tracking Extension for shipping Calculation

Nowadays people have turned to the internet to purchase everything, from books to houses. Hence, online shopping offers countless advantages to the users to make for more convenience, secure payment services, fast shipping process, time saving, low prices, product and price comparison option, and many more. This online shopping trend also attracts many merchants and encourages them to build up their own store on the Internet.

Calculating the shipping costs of the ordered products in an eCommerce store is considered a difficult task. The Magento FedEx Tracking Module is a great module which helps merchant to run a successful online store without the trouble of calculating the shipping cost.


Magento Fedex Address Validation Module

Magento is one of the best eCommerce software which has many extensions that are easily integrated with many shipping carriers such as Federal Express (FedEx), United Parcel Service (UPS), the United States Postal Service (USPS), and DHL. Magento provides flat rate shipping per order and table rates for weight, product sub-totals, number of items, and destination. Magento has thousands of shipping modules which are developed by the experienced and professional developers to make the shipping process more fast and easy.

FedEx (Federal Express) is the world’s largest express transportation company which maintains a global relationship with many countries. It offers great shipping services in a fast and effective manner. With FedEx, one can ship any item (small or large) in an effective manner. It ships products to the U.S. and also more than 220 countries and territories. It creates a variety of customizable reports to view online, print or save to a file.

The address tracking module is developed by integrating Magento with FedEx in order to offer an excellent shipping process in the Magento based eCommerce store. It has many rich features that help merchants a lot. During the shipping process, this module collects the address details provided by the customer in the eCommerce store. It will then identify whether the shipping or delivery address given by the customer is residential or commercial and displays the shipping rates based on that.

This module tracks the customer address is correct or not and calculates shipping cost based on the address to provide exact shipping rates to the customers. Most of the customers feel that they are paying higher costs for shipping than the exact price. This makes them reluctant to make purchases in online stores which do not offer an accurate shipping cost. By using this module, you can easily track your U.S. customers’ address and provide shipping costs accordingly.

This module will work on the cart page in calculating the shipping charges. The shipping charges can be displayed according to the customer’s entry either residential or commercial by using FedEx address validation. It is specially designed for U.S. customers. The module is a perfect solution for the merchant who wants to track the address of the customer and provide shipping cost based on residential or commercial.

Plenty of Magento eCommerce Modules are available in the Magento community. It allows merchants to choose a module based on his business requirement. Merchants can be at ease and save the trouble of estimating the shipping fee by using this excellent Magento module for your eCommerce business.

Download: Magento FedEx Address Validation Extension

Achieve your business goals through SEO and SEM

In the online business world, more than thousands of techniques are present in order to run a successful business. But not all the techniques and services are able to provide the expected results. Then how is it possible to achieve your business goals? This article contains the information for your question. Now, we are going to see about

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Studies show that over 80% of internet users begin their online journey on the search engines.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the process of optimizing the website to improve the volume or quality of traffic to a web site from search engines. This offers many advantages to the website owners. Hence, many companies hiring the SEO experts to get the best SEO Services for their business websites. They will provide services based on your business requirement. The optimization services include articles, press release, improvised web pages and blog posts. They offer a website which can be easily scanned by search engines. This increases the visibility of your website and helps you to receive more traffic. Once the traffic of your website increased, then your web page rank will automatically increase and also your business sales.

Every website owners wish to make their website to be featured in the top ten list of the search engine and they spend huge amount of money to achieve this. As a business owner, you should use optimization services for your website in order to attract all potential customers. It is the simplest and the best way for you to easily achieve your goal. The experienced service provider can offer suitable solutions for your website such as:

  • Keyword research
  • Internet marketing
  • Content modification and addition
  • Link building
  • Blogs submission
  • Social media tagging
  • Article submission
  • Email campaigns
  • Monthly rank reports and analysis.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is one of the most complex types of marketing strategy which helps you to easily reach all your customers anywhere in this world. There are many service providers offer SEM Services at an affordable cost to increase the growth of your business. To make your business more popular, the professional and experienced service provider can offer services such as:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Marketing
  • Link Building
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management.

Search Engine Marketing is the earliest and the most beneficial form of Internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) through optimization and advertising. It is the best medium for internet marketing.

In a study done by Pew Internet & the American Life Project from 2000 – 2005, using search to find information was done by 90% of all internet users in the US. This number came in second to only Email users at 91%. According to March 2007 data from Neilson/Netratings, about 209 Million people in the US have internet access, which means that about 188 Million of them use search engines regularly.

These two services optimize your website and market your products and services in an effective and efficient manner in order to achieve your business goal easily. By hiring the professional service provider you can use rich keywords on your website that the search users can easily find out your website from the millions of websites on the Internet. It increases your website Keyword Ranking and helps you to run a successful website in this competitive online business world. Use the best service provider to achieve perfect keywords, fresh and rich content, and many more.