How does the Django framework in Python overcome the frameworks in PHP?

Django is the most popular open source web application framework written in Python that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design on websites. It is also a “batteries included” web application framework for perfectionists (with deadlines). Django makes it easier to build better Web apps more quickly and with less code. Django has a large and active community, which encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. By using this you can build high-performing, elegant Web applications quickly. Most of the developers prefer to use the Django for the website. Because, the Django Framework is a software library that is implemented in Python for the developers who want to create database driven websites and web applications.

Django was originally developed and launched by Lawrence Journal-World for its online website. It is used by Google, NASA, PBS, Bit-Bucket, and many newspapers. It provides quick development for the projects that means the timeline for the project development is short end. It also provides several key components which are required for most websites or web applications. So the merchant just needs to focus on what makes his project stand out from the other websites on the internet. Some of the components which are included are the unit testing library, local web server, object relational mapping, localization, internationalization, caching systems, middleware, and more. The developers can quickly create and launch web applications using pre-existing framework code.


PHP originally stood for Personal Home Page, but now it stands for Hypertext Pre-processor. It is a widely used open source, general purpose scripting language used for generating dynamic or more interactive websites. PHP can be used on all major operating systems and is supported on most web servers. It is a high level language which means it is very easy to learn this programming language than C, ASP or The latest version of PHP is a very stable and mature language used for web programming much like Java and Microsoft C#. PHP’s main focus is development for the web, so it has a quick development time and can solve scenarios much quicker than some of the other web design languages. Some of the most popular frameworks for PHP are Zend, Prado, CakePHP, and Symfony.

Django framework overcome the PHP frameworks

  • Django provides a seamless process of developing a web application where each of its components fit together in a defined order. Django ORM is very better than the Zend Framework.
  • The Django URLconf (URL configuration) makes it extremely easy and flexible to provide user friendly URLs.
  • With Django, the URLs are an integral part of the application not some http server configuration.
  • Django has less files, whereas the Symfony has many folders and files, and it makes harder to find something.
  • Django manages the forms and the submissions in a good way. But it is very hard to manage in Symfony because the user has to write so much code to make the things that he want with forms.

The above points show that Django is very better than the PHP frameworks. The Python Web Development with Django gives more benefits to the users than the PHP. Python is widely used for the web development than PHP. Python provides a more flexible base for web development when compared to PHP.

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Secure Payment Plugins for WordPress eCommerce Website

WordPress is a Web-based software program that is currently capturing millions of users as we read this article. Day by day the popularity of WordPress is rapidly increasing as many users are finding it highly beneficial. WordPress is a Web-based software program that anyone can use to build and maintain a website or blog. It allows the user to update their blogs via computer, mobile phone and RSS Feed.

WordPress is the only CMS in the world that has a large number of plugins and themes. These plugins are widely used for secure payment transactions in the websites, develop the performance of the websites, improve the appearance of the website, etc. There are plenty of WordPress Payment Plugins available in the WordPress community to provide secure and easy payments on the eCommerce websites. The merchants can choose the perfect plugin for their websites based on the business requirements.

These plugins help the merchant to offer excellent payment services on the website. Most of the online customers around the globe love to visit the website that uses the best payment gateway. A payment gateway is an eCommerce application service provider that helps the merchants run a successful eCommerce website by providing fast and safe payment solutions to the customers. More than thousands of payment gateways such as First Data, Authorize.Net, PayPal, GSPay, CyberSource, MerchantPlus, Merchant One, etc. are ready to offer payment services to the users.

First Data – An international payment gateway

First Data is one of the leading payment gateways which is used to process number of transactions in an effective way. Each merchant has unique needs. To fulfil the needs of the user, First Data provides payment services in different methods. It has more than 38 years of experience in the payment processing industry, which makes the First Data Payments more popular. First Data accepts all major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and many more.

First Data checkout process in WordPress

First Data is easily integrated with the WordPress eCommerce to make payments on the website in a secure and fast manner. The payment gateway integration into eCommerce websites is an efficient way of accepting payment for products or services offered by the online stores. This ensures that an online business owner stays completely hassle free from the complications encountered while handling payments by customers. The merchant needs to have a payment gateway integrated on his website to facilitate an easy payment transfer between the customers and the business.

When a customer places the order on the WordPress website, this plugin enables the website owner to receive the credit card details from the customers for processing the payment transactions. First Data provides a secure payment page which is designed to accept Internet-based eCommerce transactions. It accepts the credit card payments and processes all the transactions through the First Data payment gateway in a safe way. This payment plugin provides seamless shopping experience to the customers.

WordPress plugins are used in different ways to boost the sales of the business. By using the WordPress Development, the merchant can easily choose a suitable plugin for his website and also develop the plugin based on his requirements. So, hire the best development team for the outstanding performance of your WordPress eCommerce website.

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Popular your PrestaShop Store by Social Media Integration

PrestaShop is one of the flexible and the reliable open source eCommerce software platform which is used in more than thousands of eCommerce stores around the globe. The rich features and the functionalities of PrestaShop make it as a very popular eCommerce platform in the eCommerce business world. The PrestaShop eCommerce Module helps the online store merchants to make the online store more professional that can easily attract more number of customers towards the website. PrestaShop has more than 20,000 of modules in order to fulfil all the demands of the merchants as well as the customers.

With the help of these modules, the merchant can easily build a powerful online store. These modules are widely used in the PrestaShop online store development. PrestaShop has a large developer community with more than 68 developers, designers, and the professional eCommerce addicts. It supports multiple languages and multiple currencies to provide the services to the customers in the other countries. It also supports payment gateways and shipping carriers make the payment transactions more secure and to provide the fastest shipping process in the store. The different themes of PrestaShop help to design an attractive website.

PrestaShop is integrated with the social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Digg, MySpace, Google, Yahoo, GitHub, Windows Live, Blogger, and many more to increase the visibility of the eCommerce store. Every website owner faces the biggest challenge that how to increase the traffic of their eCommerce store. The traffic of the website will increase when the website is visited by a number of customers. But it is not an easy task to grab the attention of all the online customers towards the website. Hence, most of the online marketers believe that the social media integration with the eCommerce store can help the merchants to easily connect with millions of people around the globe.

Benefits of social media integration with PrestaShop eCommerce store

Social media sites are an incredible tool which is used in different ways to improve the performance of the website in the online business. It offers a web-based opportunity for the merchants gain customers, increase their knowledge base about what their customers are looking for and get them involved in their business.

Social media sites have the ability to quickly and easily spread a message to all the social users in the globe. According to a survey, every day millions of people visit the social media sites for different purposes. So by adding the relevant content or regular posting on the social sites about the products and the company will helps to increase the brand awareness among the social users. That means, the merchant can easily increase the brand awareness to the millions of people without wasting more time and money.

Social media sites allow the PrestaShop eCommerce store to really engage with its customers. Through social media sites, the website owner can post the information about the new products, upcoming sales, discounts, offers, testimonials, and reviews. This helps to build a strong relationship between the store owner and the customers. Regular posting about the store will drive more traffic to the eCommerce store.

The PrestaShop developers integrated the powerful social sites with the PrestaShop and developed many PrestaShop Social Networking Modules which helps to improve the performance of the eCommerce store. It provides the social login buttons on the eCommerce website and makes the registration process very simple. This social network integration helps to run a successful and a popular eCommerce store in the online business world.

OpenCart Payment Module for Secured checkout process

Payment process plays an important role in the eCommerce business world. Hence, eGrove Systems offer the different payment modules to meet all the requirements of the merchants as well as the customers. In this article, we are going to see about the payment modules for the OpenCart eCommerce store.

OpenCart with PayPal

The OpenCart PayPal Payment Integration module helps the merchant to provide the superb shopping experience to his customer, without redirecting him to the payment gateway site during the payment process in the eCommerce store. PayPal is an excellent payment gateway which processing the payment transactions more secure. PayPal is one of the safest and fastest payment gateways around the globe. It accepts all major credit cards and debit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, etc.

This payment module allows the merchant to accept the credit card payments from the customers and process the payments through the PayPal payment gateway. It allows the customer to stay on the merchant site for the entire payment processing in the OpenCart eCommerce store. PayPal charges $5 per month from the merchants for providing the payment services in the eCommerce store. By using this OpenCart PayPal module the merchant can provide the secure and the quick payment process to the customers.

OpenCart with First Data Global Gateway e4

The OpenCart First Data GGe4 Payment module provides the seamless checkout experience to the customers without worrying about PCI compliance. First Data GGe4 is an international payment gateway which has more than 40 years of experience in the payment processing industry. It processes more than thousands of payment transactions for each and every second of a day in a successful manner. Hence, most of the merchants prefer First Data GGe4 for their online store payment transactions.

First Data GGe4 integrates with the OpenCart eCommerce Software to provide an easy payment solution to the customers. It allows the customer to use their credit cards for purchasing the product from the eCommerce store. It receives the customer credit card details in the merchant website itself and process the payment through the First Data GGe4 payment gateway in a secure manner. The merchant can easily manage the payments using the admin panel.

OpenCart with eWay payment gateway

The eWay payment gateway easily integrates with the OpenCart eCommerce software to enable the website owner to accept the payments through the eWay payment gateway. The eWay is a leading payment gateway which processing many payment transactions in a successful manner. It is used by more than 200 shopping cart platforms and 23 banks in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. It has the ability to process the payment transactions for 24/7 in a fast and smart way.

The OpenCart eWay Payment module allows the merchant to accept all major credit card payments from the customer in the eCommerce store and process the payments through the eWay payment gateway services. It also works with eWay Shared Payment, eWay Hosted, and eWay Hosted CVN. It provides the solutions in different forms. If the payment processing will be fully taken care by the eWay page means, the merchant need not to buy the SSL certificate. If the merchant wish to avoid the customer redirection in his website means, then his website will take care of the full payment process. So the merchant has to buy the SSL certificate in order to protect the credit card details.


These three payment modules are more beneficial for the merchants who build his eCommerce website based on OpenCart. It is very easy to install these modules on the eCommerce store. By using these payment modules on the OpenCart eCommerce store, the merchant can provide the secure payment transactions to his customers.

Search Engine Optimization for a better Web Maintenance

Search Engine Optimization is a process to make your website easy for both users and search engines to understand. It is the best practice of improving the website in order to increase the number of visitors through the search engines. Every website owners wish to make their website to be featured in the top ten list of the search engine and they spend huge amount of money to achieve this. There are many companies offer the SEO Services to increase the visibility of the website through better targeting of potential customers. The experienced and the professional service provider can offer the excellent solutions such as,

  • Keyword research
  • Internet marketing
  • Content modification and addition
  • Link building
  • Blogs submissions
  • Social media tagging
  • Article submission
  • Email campaigns
  • Monthly rank reports and analysis.

Each business website has its unique needs that means, its nature of business and the customer base may be different. Only the professional SEO Company can offer the services that would be perfect for the unique needs of the client. They are inserting the quality content on the website, search engine friendly Meta tags, submitting the website in high PR directories and search engines and thus get high rankings for your website. These services are used to take your business to a higher level and helps you to stand out from your competitors. In this competitive business world, you should make your website more professional and unique that can easily attract the search engines and the users towards your website.

Why does your website need SEO?

Generally, most of the people trust the websites which are listed on the first page of the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Do you know, that the majority of the web traffic for a website is driven by these major commercial search engines? If a user need to know something, he immediately visit anyone of these search engines and enter the words in the search box that related to his search topic. The search engines display the websites in the search results for relevant keywords, it is very important that your website should be submitted to that search engine. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the simplest and the fastest way that the people should be able to reach your website very quickly.

Search engines ignore the website which is not regularly updating the content of the website and not maintaining the website properly. If the search engines rejected the website, then the website will not easily attract the search uses towards it. So, the website maintenance is one of the keys to a successful SEO campaign. But the fact is, it is not very easy to maintain the website that the search engines can easily find that. Hence, the Web Maintenance Services are used by most of the website owners to improve their website performance. By using these services, you can maintain your website effectively.

The excellent and the proper maintenance services can able to manage the content very professional and rich that brings your website to the top of the search engines. SEO uses the rich keywords on your website that the search users can easily find out your website from the millions of websites on the Internet. It optimizes the website that can easily earn the brand recognition, reputation, and the respect from the visitors. Search engine optimization maintains the website very effectively by using the perfect keywords, adding fresh content, boosting the link popularity, and off-site techniques.

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Magento eCommerce Solutions for Multi Store Management

Magento is an eCommerce software which processing more than thousands of websites in the eCommerce business industry. More than 200,000 online store merchants believe that Magento is the ideal platform for any type of eCommerce business. Magento provides the eCommerce solutions in different forms such as Magento Go, Magento Enterprise Edition, and Magento Community Edition to develop the eCommerce store. The Magento Development Services are used in various ways to improve the performance of the website. There are many companies offering the services at an affordable cost to the website owner. But, the professional and the experienced service provider can able to design your website to easily increase the growth of your business.

The common services that a Magento development company provides to the customers include Website Maintenance, integration of third party tools, Magento responsive web development, Magento eCommerce website development, conversion of PSD to Magneto and upgrading existing websites to Magento, etc. These services help you to run a successful and profitable eCommerce store. The Magento eCommerce provides a large number of benefits such as,

  • Magento has many attractive themes to make the website look very rich and professional. This attracts many customers towards your eCommerce website.
  • Supports a variety of major payment gateways, Credit Card, Check or Money Order to offer the best payment services in the eCommerce store.
  • Integrated with multiple shipping carriers, shipping to multiple addresses in one order to provide the excellent shipping process in the Magento based eCommerce store.
  • It is a feature rich and very flexible eCommerce platform which allows you to easily control and manage the look, content, and the functionality of your own online store.
  • Translated into more than 58 languages and supporting multiple currencies to extend the services from the national level to the international level.
  • Generates the report based on the performance of your website, such as top products, sales by product and category, etc.
  • The marketing and promotion tools encourage the customer to buy the products from your store.
  • Integrated with the social networking sites to easily increase the sales of your products.
  • The Magento’s Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URL structure and SEO tools attracts many customers to your website and increases the traffic to achieve higher page rank.

The biggest benefit of using the Magento eCommerce software is, it allows the merchant to manage multiple stores by using the single admin panel including the ability to manage localized or international versions of your sites. It helps you to maintain many shops within one admin panel. This will be more beneficial for the merchants who is running one or more Magento eCommerce stores in the eCommerce business industry. The latest release of the Magento eCommerce helps you to set up multiple Magento stores and multiple domains that share the same admin area.

If you have a lot of stores that share the same or related products and you wish to manage it from one central location means, then Magento is the great choice for your requirements. It also helps you to track your sales and customers without having to login to the different Admin areas of each web site. A single Magento installation will be enough to run multiple stores having different domain names and different IP’s. This is the greatest feature in the Magento eCommerce Development. This development offers many features and the services to enhance the performance of the website and to increase the productivity of your business. But it is important to choose the best service provider for your eCommerce store development.

Hire the best eCommerce development team provides you the multi-store features that help you to manage multiple stores from single admin panel and product catalog.

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PrestaShop Module giving diverse styles of Slideshows

PrestaShop is a professional shopping cart eCommerce solution which allows the merchants to promote and sell their products through online in an effective manner. More than 150,000 online store owners prefer the PrestaShop platform for their eCommerce web sites. It has a large number of modules and themes to improve the website performance in the eCommerce business industry. The PrestaShop Modules are designed with great features and the functionalities to increase the growth of the eCommerce business. PrestaShop has more than 20,000 modules to fulfil all the needs of the merchants as well as the users. These modules make the website look very professional and rich.

By using these modules on the PrestaShop eCommerce website, the merchant can easily attract many customers towards his eCommerce store. PrestaShop offers countless benefits to both the merchants and the customers. Hence, most of the merchants wish to use the PrestaShop than the other eCommerce platforms.

In order to help these merchants, eGrove Systems offers different PrestaShop services, modules, and attractive themes to make their website very elegant and stunning. The eGrove Systems is a leading global IT solutions provider can able to offer End-to-end solutions by engaging industry experts and cutting edge technologies. It has a dedicated team of developers who have good knowledge in the PrestaShop eCommerce software and they designed a large number of modules to enhance the performance of the website.

The PrestaShop Slide Show Modules are the best modules which are used to provide a unique style to your web store. They developed these modules with great care and rich features. By using these modules on your eCommerce store, you can easily capture the attention of all the customers towards your website.

PrestaShop Multi Block Image Slider Module: eGrove’s Multi Block Slider PrestaShop Module offers different types of slideshows to the merchants. The merchant can configure and customize the slides in the back office which he wish to display on the home page of his website. This module supports multi languages and very easy to install and to use. It provides different options to manage the blocks, images, sizes, transitions for each slideshow category.

PrestaShop Video and Image Slider Module: By using this module in the PrestaShop eCommerce store, the merchant can display the Videos / Images / HTML texts that describing the website feature and the product features in a single slide show banner. It helps the merchants to highlight their store products, events, newsletters, product demo videos, etc. The videos can be uploaded by pasting the ‘Embed Video Code’ such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

PrestaShop 13 Images in 1 – Combo Slider Module: The 13 in 1 Combo slider enhances the store’s look by offering 13 different styles of slideshows with unique style and animation. It is optimized for desktop, Laptop, tablets & Smartphones. This module allows the merchant to configure the styles, images, text background color, font color, etc. Each slide gives an attractive look to your PrestaShop store.

These 3 slideshows modules have many rich features which can able to seize the attention of the online visitors towards your web store, boost them to buy more products from your eCommerce website, and increase the productivity of your business. I have mentioned just a few features on this blog. To know more about these PrestaShop modules visit the eGrove Systems website. Not only developing these modules, it also offers the fully customized PrestaShop Development services to deliver the superior shopping experience for your users. It delivers the eCommerce solutions in Prestashop that best fit your eCommerce needs. Enhance your store and increase your site traffic by using our PrestaShop Modules.

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Magento Store Auto Language redirection by IP Detection

Magento is a reliable and a dependant eCommerce platform which is trusted by more than 200,000 online store merchants around the globe. They believe that Magento is an elegant platform because of its flexibility, scalability and adaptable through its modular architecture. It provides the full control to the eCommerce store owner to manage the content, look, and the functionality of his own online channel. It helps to increase the growth of their business in an effective way and offering excellent modules for their sales increases. The Magento eCommerce Modules are designed to fulfil all the business needs of the merchants. These modules are used in different ways to grab the attention of the customers towards the Magento based eCommerce store.


These modules are playing a large and vital role in the progress of Magento Commerce because they are helping to not only advance and enhance Magento, but also to literally shape its existence. It helps to extend the Magento in various ways, allowing Magento store owners to establish professional and customized stores that suit their individual eCommerce requirements as well as that of their customers.

  • Magento is a powerful eCommerce system offering rich customization possibilities by extensions and modules.
  • Magento based eCommerce store gives more benefits to the merchants as well as the merchants.
  • It is integrated with many payment gateways to offer the secure payment services to the customers.
  • It combined with the shipping carriers to provide the fastest and safest shipping process in the store.
  • Many social networking sites are easily integrated with the PrestaShop eCommerce software to increase the page visibility and the rank of the website.
  • Allows the merchants to control multiple stores by using the single admin panel.
  • It supports more than 50 languages and multiple currencies to provide the eCommerce store services to the worldwide customers.

The Magento GeoIP Detection is a great module which is used to offer the services to the customers based on their native language. That means, if a customer from China visit your eCommerce store to buy or search any product, at this point this extension detects the IP address of that customer and redirects him to your other store which has all the details based on the Chinese language automatically. This will be more useful for him to know all the information by its native language and it motivates him to buy the products from your Magento based eCommerce store.

This extension will be more beneficial for the merchants who, having multiple stores in different languages. This automatic redirection helps you to save more time. It helps the merchants to serve better and efficient. By using this module on your eCommerce store, you can offer the services based on the customers native language without spending your time. The currency settings can be done by both manual and automatic. By using custom GEOIP import services, you can easily handle the currency update. It is a friendly interface module which attracts many visitors towards your website and increases the visibility of your site in the search engines.

These types of extensions are widely used for developing the Magento eCommerce website. You can also hire the best Magento Development service provider for your eCommerce store performance. The professional and the best service provider helps you to achieve your goal easily within the short period of time. Choose the perfect development company for your Magento store and boost the productivity of your business.

Download: Magento GeoIP Extension

DropShipper increases Profit in your eCommerce Store

Nowadays people mostly prefer online shopping to traditional in-store shopping, as it saves a lot of time, energy, and expense. This trend has increased the growth of online stores and online retailers. Many small retailers and site owners have established themselves in a short span of time. Wondering how this is possible? eCommerce Dropshipping is the answer. This drop shipping module serves as a boon to all the online store owners. The site owners need not make much investment or maintain a storehouse. All they need to do is, work hand in hand with reliable wholesale distributors. This gives effective outputs and contributes greatly to their profit.

This is very beneficial for the online sellers as they need not own a stock inventory. The online store owner can provide a wide range of products. The customers can purchase the goods and place their orders in the cart. At once the order along with the delivery address is transferred to the wholesale distributors. From there onwards the wholesaler makes all the arrangements to pack and ship the product to the customer. This is how the dropshipping is generally done.

How is this profitable to the online retailers?

  • No huge investments need to be made by the online retailers
  • No warehouse scheme is involved, so no maintenance expenditure
  • The payment can be made to the wholesale distributor after the customer pays the online retailer
  • No Packing expense, product insurance, shipping expense, etc.
  • Even if the goods are returned or damaged it will be handled by the distributor

To add to all the above advantages, the online sellers can purchase any drop shipping ecommerce software and install it in their site. This maintains all the transaction between the retailer and the wholesale distributor. For instance, when the customer enters the order in the cart the dropship immediately sends a notification to the customer to confirm the purchased products. It will also send a notification to the wholesale distributor about the order placed. The distributor will take it up from there onwards and will ensure safe delivery of the product. So, the retailer will be rewarded with less stress and more profit.

For retailers who are new, the Prestashop Drop shipping Module is a perfect choice for smooth and safe transactions. The retailers can all carry on with tend to their priority lists without being overworked with this drop shipping module. This will definitely increase the profit of the online store owners without affecting their routine work. So, this is certainly a dream come true for all the budding online retailers to maximize their income without putting much investment.

DropShipper eCommerce | PrestaShop eCommerce Development

PayPal Payment Module with Advanced Feature for PrestaShop

Day by day the PrestaShop eCommerce store is becoming more famous with 150,000 active stores in 163 countries around the globe. The online store merchants prefer PrestaShop platform for their eCommerce business store for different reasons. One of the main reasons that they are preferring this platform is, PrestaShop offers the secure payment services to the customers by integrating with many payment gateways. The PrestaShop Payment Module provides an easy way for the merchants to process the payment transactions in the store with more secure and safe. This type of payment module attracts many customers towards the website to purchase the products from the store. So that the merchant can easily increase the growth of his business.

PrestaShop supports PayPal, First Data, eWay, Google Checkout, Realex, GSPay, Authorize.Net, ChronoPay, PayStation, IcePay, Hipay, PagSeguro, Payment Sense, Klarna, Merchant Warehouse, Skrill, and many more payment gateways.

PayPal integrated with the PrestaShop eCommerce software to provide the excellent payment solutions to the customers as well as the merchants. PayPal is a global leader in the payment processing industry with more than 224 million accounts around the world. It is the quickest and the most secure way to pay and to be paid online. PayPal allows the user to send and receive the money without providing any personal information. It offers the services in different countries by supporting 24 currencies. It is easily combined with many eCommerce software’s to make the payment process very simple.

Likewise, PayPal provides the payment services in the PrestaShop in an effective way. It plays an important role in the PrestaShop platform. Most of the people love to visit the PrestaShop eCommerce store which supports the PayPal payment gateway for the payment transactions. PayPal accepts all major credit and debit card payments from the customers in the PrestaShop based eCommerce store. PayPal provides the payment solutions in different forms to fulfil all the needs of the merchants and the customers. The merchant can choose the payment solution which will suit for his business requirements.

PayPal Pro Plus integrated with the PrestaShop eCommerce software to accept the credit card payments quickly and affordably through PayPal Pro API. It supports Authorize & Capture, Authorize only and Capture later feature. PayPal Pro Plus also provides facility to cancel/void any unsettled transactions. It also supports the refund amount from the configuration page and shipping with Merchant Calculated Shipping Rates and Carrier Calculation Shipping.

PayPal Website Payments Pro Hosted integrated with the PrestaShop to receive the payments from the customers through their credit card and process the payments through PayPal accounts. It sends the Shipping and the Tax information to the PayPal store owners. It supports PayPal Express Checkout for PayPal Account holder customers on your website.

PayPal Pro UK 3D secure module will integrate with the PayPal Website Payments Pro processing through a 3‐D secure protocol with PrestaShop eCommerce Software and accept the payments through credit cards quickly. It processes the payments through Card Issuer Page as inline frame.

PrestaShop Payflow Pro Module combined with the PrestaShop eCommerce Software to accept the credit card payments and process through the Payflow Pro gateway through PayPal (Partner). The Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate is needed to protect the customer credit card details.

PrestaShop PayPal Payments Advanced allows the customer to pay the amount by using his credit cards and to stay on the merchant or the PrestaShop website for the entire payment transaction process. That means, without redirection the customer can complete the full payment process.

All these modules are designed with rich features and the functionalities. The merchant can choose the appropriate PrestaShop PayPal Module for the payment processing in his website. These PayPal module gives more flexibility and the security to the customer credit card details during the payment transactions in the website. This will attract many customers and makes them buy more products from your store. So with the help of these PayPal modules, you can easily increase the productivity of the store.